The Mobile Betting Revolution

6:49 May 4th 2012 | Tagged in Mobile Betting News

Welcome to

Welcome to – Sports betting is on the verge of a technology led revolution and the technology is in our hands!

The last 2 years have seen the gradual transformation of our mobile phones into hi-tech personal computers that are always connected. The world of sports betting is soon to be played out on our mobiles – mobile betting will be the norm.

The rise of the iPhone and the even faster rise of Android has created a level playing field for handsets. Our mobiles have the same capabilities, technology and user interface.

This has made it easy for the likes of Ladbrokes, William Hill, Coral & Betfred to create “one size fits all” mobile betting apps. Simply by launching one app for iPhones and one for Android, the bookmakers have already accessed the majority of the mobile handset market.

The large uptake & use of mobile apps in recent years has shown traditional “online” bookmakers that mobile betting is where the market is heading.

The average man on the street is already accustomed to finding, installing and registering with mobile apps to do almost anything. Using a mobile betting app simply makes sense now – and the benefits are clear too.

Placing a small bet on their mobile before a game/event starts could become routine for the typical sports fan. In-Play betting opens up a totally new set of betting opportunities for sports fans too, something we will cover in a separate article. is the UK’s number 1 mobile sports betting portal.


  1. May 04, 2012 at 6:51 am, Mark said:

    This site has lots of potential as the large bookmakers don’t have any trusted reliable source of competitor/industry news for this business channel.

    What would make this site essential would be a competitor comparison (detailed – tick box style) and features critique. Details of adopted approaches to handset, OS and platform development and how this is likely to change moving forward etc.

    From a spectator POV I’d also suggest including a jobs board section for mobile betting positions.

    As someone who has also worked in this industry for many years, this site is hugely in demand.

    Happy to be contacted.