Mobile Sports Betting Taking Off, Just

8:20 May 4th 2012 | Tagged in Mobile Betting News

Although mobile betting has been around since mid 2000, it has not created a big ripple in the betting industry. It’s actually iPhone Betting & Android Betting that is likely to create the wave.

iPhone Betting Takes Off

The reason for the failed take-off was due to the fact that mobile devices then were based on WAP or Java both of which lack the proper technology to provide use-friendly mobile betting services. The handset market was also very fractured, with a wide range of shapes and sizes.

However, smartphones like the iPhone and other mobile devices with Google Android platforms paved the way for mobile gambling with the creation of downloadable sports betting applications. 2011 could be seen as the year iPhone Betting and Android Betting took off.

These applications were not simple. Although simple enough to operate even for rookies, it has a menu that lets you do a lot of things such as comparing odds and viewing the newest results. It maximizes all the key features of your phone, too, which makes up for a great customer experience.

These key factors along with the convenience mobile betting offers brought a huge success to the industry—not just a ripple, but a huge wave. In fact, it’s convenience more than anything else that brought more people into the world of mobile sports betting.

With downloadable betting apps, you do not need to enter URLs or manually visit the website to bet. Why, with smart phones, you don’t need to have a computer at all because the phones of today are pretty much like mini computers themselves.

With this, wagers placed on mobile phones are expected to double this year—are expected in fact to reach a whopping $3.6 billion all over the world as more and more consumers continue to switch to smart phones.

iPhone and Android users are estimated to go up, too, and bring in 60 million additional users this year. The fact that every day there are about 300,000 new smart phone customers make all these expectations very likely indeed.