Enhanced Odds Explained

6:17 October 24th 2013 | Tagged in Mobile Betting Promotions


At least once a week bookmakers will offer enhanced odds on a single game or a series of games. Read our simple guide to enhanced odds to find out how they work.

What are Enhanced Odds?

An enhanced odd is when a bookmaker increases the odds on a market, this will either be for a limited time only or as a one-off offer on a particular game.

Enhanced Odds Accumulators

There are a couple of ways in which a bookmaker will offer enhanced odds are part of an accumulator (known as an ACCA for short).

Firstly, they may increase the pay-off on an accumulator compared to what would normally be offered based on the odds offered for the individual games. This will be on a selection of games picked by the bookmaker. If we take an example of a 5 game ACCA where the home team in each of the games is priced at 2.0 to win. We can see that a normal 5-team accumulator on all 5 home teams to win would result in odds of 32.0 (this is equal to 2x2x2x2x2). An enhanced odds accumulator would offer odds of more than 32.0.

The second way in which a bookmaker would offer enhanced odds accumulators would be to increase the odds of one of the teams in the accumulator. For example, if we take the same example from above a bookmaker may increase the odds of one of the home teams to win from 2.0 to say 2.5 when used within a selected accumulator (but not as a single bet). The accumulator on this would therefore increase the odds to 40.0 (this is equal to 2x2x2x2x2.5).

Both of these enhanced odds accumulators result in the same thing: the accumulated payout is greater than would otherwise be the case.